Ingredients :

  • 2 cups Maida (Refined Flour)
  • ¾ cup Sugar or to taste
  • A pinch or two of Salt
  • 3 tbsp. Ghee/Butter
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla Essence
  • Water/milk/Coconut Milk for kneading
  • Vegetable Oil for deep frying

Procedure :
In a sufficiently large bow/food processor, combine together the flour, sugar & salt to taste.

Slightly melt the butter/ghee in a pan & add it to the above dry ingredients & mix well.

Knead the dough by adding a little water/milk/coconut milk at a time to prepare a soft, smooth & pliable dough.

Leave the dough covered with a damp cloth for about 15 mins. to rest.

First, dust the rolling board with some dry flour.

Take out a small fistful of dough at a time & roll it using a rolling pin into a square chapatti.

Cut into small squares (about 3 cm. squares).


Join opposite edges of the square cut outs of dough & twist to form a bud like shape & place on a tray dusted with some dry flour.

Use all the dough to make kormolas in this way.

Make sure to twist the edges well or they will open up while deep frying.

Heat a kadhai/wok with enough oil for deep frying.

Keep the heat on medium & deep fry the kormolas.

Maintain & adjust heat while deep frying or they will turn dark brown quickly from the outside & remain uncooked inside. You need to keep a watch & be alert while deep frying.

They should be lightly pink when thoroughly cooked.

Keep constantly turning them over so that they are evenly cooked.

Drain completely with a slotted spoon & transfer on to a tray lined with absorbent tissue.

Remember they will continue to cook for a few minutes even after they are removed from the kadhai/wok.

Fry all kormolas in this way.

After they cool thoroughly, store them in an airtight container.

Serve & enjoy at Christmas or eat whenever you feel like relishing them.

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