Here are the simple guidelines that government and other scientific community has provided.

Avoid All Social Contact

Since you do not know if you are infected or not, you might be spreading the virus unknowingly. Hence it is better for everyone to assume they are infected and avoid contact. Do not travel, do not touch others, do not touch other surfaces and if you have to do any of these things, wash your hands with soap frequently. 

Wash Hands with soap for 20 seconds

The most common way people get infected is when they touch an infected surface and then touch their own face. Hence it is important that we keep our hand as clean as possible. Washing hands for 20 seconds with soap is considered the best way to kill the virus. You can also use alcohol based hand sanitzers to kill the virus. 

Using Masks does not help much

Using masks does not help much. Infact if not worn properly you will end up touching your face often to adjust the mask. Masks must be worn by doctors and already infected people. 

Cough in your elbow or hold a cloth

Do not cough in air. Virus can travel upto 10 meters in air and virus can remain in air for 3-4 hours. Hence it is critical that you cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. 

Be nice human don't be an jerk

When you see needy people help them out. Desperate people might spread the virus more than those who feel safe. If you see people coughing in public, politely ask them to take precaution or simply avoid them. Do not engage in fights. If you feel symptoms yourself self isolate yourself and let everyone around you know that you are not feeling well. 

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