I'll start by saying this. I was never planning on telling anyone this, but I feel like I might lose my shit if I don't share this. I've managed to keep it a secret for a long time, kept it buried deep within the recesses of my mind. Until now...

I'm a twenty year old female, but this happened around the time that I was 17, so it's been three years or so.

I'm a lesbian. Never really had a problem with my sexuality. In fact, I had a girlfriend at the time, and would spend quite a great deal of time with her at her house. We had been together for about a year at the time and had a dog that was ours. It was as if the dog was our child, and she protected us as we slept.

One night, after a particularly long day, I had arrived at her house and spent the night with her, watching scary movies as we snuggled together in bed. Around midnight, we decided it was time to get ready for bed, so she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and I proceeded to put my PJ's on. Our dog, Sadie normally slept at the end of the bed in between both of our feet. That night, however, she was curled up into my back, as if wedging herself between me and something else. As soon as my girlfriend, we'll call her Amanda, got up, Sadie turned her head to the corner and proceeded to growl for prolonged periods of time.

I kept telling her to knock it off and just continued getting ready to go to sleep, brushing it off. When Amanda entered the room again, the dog finally returned to her sleeping position and we settled in for the night.

I remember waking up, but not being able to move or speak. I felt like someone was sitting on my vocal cords, causing a nauseating amount of pressure on my neck. I could see that Amanda was asleep next to me, and I tried to wake her, but to no avail. I was scared shitless, and afraid that I would suffocate to death in the bed next to her, without her even knowing.

After what felt like an hour, I was finally able to move and I shook Amanda to wake her, tears threatening to cascade down my cheeks. She had tears in her eyes and I asked her what was wrong. What she said, will haunt me for the rest of my life.

"The demon... He told me that I wasn't allowed to be happy. He said he would kill everything I loved..." she told me.

To this day, I often think about the person she's with now. If they'll be safe. But one thing I know for sure. I'll never forget the night a demon tried to kill me.

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