Prince Harry and his newlywed wife Meghan Merkle decided to leave royal family.

American basketball player and a legend Kobe Byrant died in a tragic helicopter accident. 

Parasite movie completely sweeped Oscars with 4 Oscars. 

The disgraced Hollywood kingmaker was convicted Feb. 24 of raping an aspiring actress and sexually abusing a TV and film production assistant. The verdict was celebrated by his dozens of accusers and their supporters as a watershed moment for the #MeToo movement.

A black man George Floyd was shot dead by American cops over a minor issue. This resulted into massive riots and protests all across the united states.

Beirut explosion. A massive explosion at a Beirut port, sparked Aug. 4 by the accidental detonation of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, killed at least 190 people and injured thousands of others.

The expected date of launch of Chandrayaan-3 was announced from the Prime Minister’s office by Jitendra Singh. Singh clearly mentioned that the possible date of the launch will be the first half of 2021.

UK finally finalized the plan for Brexit. January 1 2021 was the the last day for the entire transition process. 

After a lot of confusion, conspiracies and rumors, South Korea told the media that Kim Jong-Un was “alive and well,” even though there was mass speculation that the dictator had died.

Hong Kong protests. China's anti-democracy laws saw widespread and massive protests in Hong Kong. UK offered citizenship to Honk Kong protestors trying to flee the country. The protests and subsequent violence by Chinese state against them continues till today. 

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