Akash waited on Friday road for the taxi to arrive. The girl's name was Simran which was likely to be false. But it did not matter. She appeared beautiful and smart at least on the photos that they had seen. those photos were taken near the pool of one of the 5 star hotels in Mumbai. Rajat had seen that place before. 
Akash was chosen as the guy who would greet her at the junction right opposite Jugheads Beer Garden. They would then walk to the apartment. Now, their biggest fear was that the girl might look too trashy and the watchmen in the building might get suspicious. But Happy Singh was on great terms with the watchmen, he was supposed to keep them busy. They had also made a cover story of how a certain co-worker of them was supposed to be at their place as she had to catch an early morning flight. 
They had cleaned up their apartment, given a holiday to their bayi for the next day. They had purchased condoms as well as viagra just in case. They had prepared the bed, cleaned up the bathroom, and had worn their best clothes. They also had stocked up on alcohol. Punit thought they should set up some cameras as well but others had voted down this idea. 
Akash felt he was getting a heart attack as the car reached right in front of him. His stomach was vibrating and pulsating and he felt he had lost control over his own body. But he gathered his nerves and walked up to the car. He did not dare to look at the taxi driver. The girl got down from the car, there seemed to be another girl on the backseat but Akash was too nervous to notice her. 
Simran got down, she wore a simple cocktail dress but had covered herself with a large over-coat. Her high heels were most certainly attention-seeking. Her makeup looked modest and to some extent, she seemed like an ordinary girl but certainly above average beautiful. Akash noticed heads turning and realized they were seeking attention. Hi he said with a straight face. "Hello, I am Simran." she said in a friendly tone, approached Akash and hugged him. Then she stepped next to him and held his hand. Akash could smell her intoxicating but somewhat cheap perfume. How many hands she must have grabbed like this? How many men she must have held in her embrace? he wondered. His own experience in that department was very less, and this Simran was most certainly one of the better girls he would every touch. 
"Can you walk a little? We are like 5 minutes away from here". he said to her. 
"Well sure. You are paying and I will walk anywhere with you." she said. 
They walked together and for Akash that felt like a walk of shame as well as guilt. He had seen thousands of people waling that path with prettiest girls. This time he was one of them. But he was paying her to walk with him. Worst, he was sharing her with 3 of them. 
Simaran on the other hand seemed pretty chill with him. She asked him his name which he said was Akash. She said she felt cold and enquired if the house had air condition. They did have air condition. "As we reach neat that gate, could we just walk as if we are co-workers?" he asked her. She gave a beautiful smile. She nodded. She clearly had experience with all sorts of men. Some might have hidden her in a closet when their wife arrived. Who knows. 'What is the cover story if anyone asks?' she asked him. Akash was surprised. 'We work together, you have to catch an early morning flight tomorrow and hence you will stay here with us and we will drop you safely". "understood" she said. 
Akash approached their building. Simran clear had trouble walking. Rajat was standing a few meters outside the gate and as he saw Akash and the girl approach he quickly turned inside to distract the security guards. Akash could hear Happy's laughter as they were busy with the security guards. Akash quickly walked inside the building. Punit had planned everything like a clockwork and he admired his smartness.
Punit had put the Rajat on the lookout. Rajat was supposed to signal Happy to distract the security guards. Rajat would then walk to the elevator and press the button and hold the elevator till Akash arrives. Luckily for them, no nosy uncles or aunties were seen near the elevator. Akash entered the elevator as Rajat held the door. Simran entered after them. 
"Hi' said Rajat to her as the elevator worked upwards. She was a little stunned but then Akash interjected. "he is Rajat.". 'hi Rajat" she said with the same sweetness in her voice. akash wondered if she had practiced it or it came with her trade. 
The door was wide open when they reached near their apartment and they quickly moved in. One good thing about their apartment was that they had no cctv cameras except near the elevators. Also, they were all live cameras with no real backup. 


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