Once Simran entered the room, she quickly made herself comfortable. "You guys are lovely and young" She smiled at all three of them as they waited for happy to arrive. Happysingh arrived very quickly and he changed to the mood of the room. "Guys you have not asked the lady for anything? Shame on you folks" he said as he quickly went to the kitchen and bought some drinks for them. Happy knew how to make a room lively. Punit put on some light music in the air. 
"Are you comfortable?" asked Rajat to the girl. She put two cubes of ice in her glass and nodded yes. "But you guys look very very nervous". she said. She went on to add some coke in her drink and happily poured her a peg. Akash also felt he needed to get high before he could do what he was supposed to do. 
The music made the silene comfortable but no one seems to be raising the real question of "what next?". 
Simran had finished her peg pretty quickly. Akash felt that she probably had to get drunk if she had to have sex with 4 hungry guys in a night. She probably spent her time with older men who could barely last, but here she was with 4 men who never had sex in their lives. 
But Simran herself raised the question "Look! this is new years' time, people often pay extra during these times. 25000 for 4 guys is you know is very low, but then I would like to get done quickly and leave. I am not here for "girl friend experience" which costs lot more." 

Punit had explained to all 4 of them how the system of these escorts works. GFE or girlfriend experience was the highest level of service where the girl is not just having sex but pretending to be your girlfriend but while keeping her meter on. She will listen to you, talk to you, cook for you and so on and yet charge you by hour the highest possible rate. A lot of lonely but rich people did that. For a lower rate, the escort would even call you or keep texting you like a real girlfriend. 

They were not that desperate. They wanted to have what is called a "grp sex". Here multiple people are engaging in sexual intercourse. The rate for this is higher than 1-1 sex but often it is cheaper than 4 people paying for 1-1 sex. The girl feels safer with multiple people and often men feel pressurized in such circumstances and can't perform at all. 
Akash knew very little of this trade but somehow he did not feel as bad as he thought he would. Inside their apartment, they had all the power. They had debated whether they should bring the girl to their own home or to do this in some hotel. After a long debate, they thought the apartment was better as they control the environment. The girl can not call others there and her pimp can not barge in. The police or hotel staff also can not bother them here. 
Simran got up and threw her coat on the sofa. Her brown cocktail dress exposed her curves. She took off her high heels. Punit felt confidant enough to walk near her. he held her waist which made other 3 somewhat jealous. Akash had decided against kissing the girl as kissing can transmit diseases. He was very scared of HPV and HIV. 
But Simaran kept her hand on Punit's face. "No" she said to everyone's surprise. 
"You guys made me walk. I am all sweaty. Akash here is sweaty too. I like you guys to be fresh. You guys should have a bath and I will have a bath too" she said. 
"Agreed," said Happy. "Punit you should go first". 
"No. I will go first" Simran said. "Just give me a towel" she winked at them. Rajat rushed to get a fresh towel for her. 
They all stared at each other as she found her way to the bathroom. 
"What's the point of wearing clean underwear if she is gonna make me change it now? " Said happy singh. 
Simaran had entered the bathroom and they could hear the water running. She had not locked the door at all but none of them dared to go near her. 
"Hey guys, what are we gonna do ? " asked Akash. 
"The girl is hotter than I expected bro," said Rajat. 
"Look let us ask her how she wants to go about it if all 4 together or one at a time. If one at a time we will let her pick" said Punit. 
"Fine by me," said Happy Singh.
"Look guys, I think I will pass on this if it is about having group sex. I don't want to get naked before you guys". said Akash. 
"Now we know who has the smallest penis." said happy Singh as they all laughed. They continued to chat and making more pegs. The sound of running water from the bathroom was still going on and Simaran seemed to take forever. 
"Bhenchod.. kya kar rahi hai wo ? WTF is she washing for so long ? " Said Rajat. 

Akash in his mind wondered, she can take as long as she wants. He was genuinely scared to have sex at this point and the whole thing felt like a mistake. 

I think we should go and check on her, said Punit who seemed horny. 
"Yaar wo nangi to nahi hogi ? " happy added to the spice. They all 4 got up to check on her but in reality they wanted to see her bath. Perhaps she was taking this long because she wanted them to make that kind of approach. 
Akash felt his heartbeat again. Maybe this is all about jumping in and losing control. Letting things happen at their own pace. 

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