Akash, Punit, Happy and Rajat walked slowly towards the bathroom door. It was slightly open as she had not locked it from inside. The shower was running but they could not fully hear her movement. The kind of sound shower makes when it hits your body when you move. May be the girls like her are so delicate they dont make much noise when they move. Akash approached the door as he expected to see a hot girl bathing naked in shower. Things that he had only seen on porn websites. 

He slowly pushed the door as they all peered in. What they saw shook themselves to core. Suddenly, Akash realized that they were in a deep deep mess. That he should haev listend to his heart and not got into the plan of bringing a whore to their house. The girl Simran was as naked as she was born. But she had falled on the floor of the bathroom unconcious. It did not look pretty. In fact it looked ugly. Her lifeless body was right under the shower and despite that hot water she was not moving. She was not breathing. 

"Fuck. Fuck Fuck". shouted Punit as he rushed in. Her cokctail dress was on the cloth bar. Her strapless bra was on the floor while her thong was door hook. What looked like a sexy girl was now a lifeless dead body. "Fuck. Is she alive?" shouted Rajat who had clearly lost his nerves. He was all shaking like a baby. Akash had never seen a grown man acting like that. But Punit was much more seasoned. He quickly shut off the shower and happy put a towel on her body. Punit slapped her cheeks to see if she was responding, they he tried to check her pulse. Clearly it was not there. The fear on his face was telling the whole story. 

Akash said, 'Look lets take her to the bedroom. This might all be just a dream.'

They all four lifted her and took her to the bedroom. They placed her on the bed and tried to dry her. Her unresponsive body suddenly did not seem as pretty. They dried her body with the towel rubbing her legs, her love parts and the breasts and her face. Her eyes had rolled up. "She is not breathing yaar" said Punit. 

"We should try CPR" said Akash and all other three looked at him. "What ? I do not know how to do it. " he said. 

"But we need to act quickly." said Happy. He sat next to her and started pumping her chest. Her breasts shook but she did not. "Try to rub her feet" as Akash to Rajat who sprung in action. 

They worked on her body for few more minutes before the they accepted the fact that she was dead. By now they had placed her on her stomach and her bare butt faced them. Now she was not just looking dead but outright scary. 

"Fuck yaaar. She has ruined our lives. What are we doing to do ? " said Happy singh profusely crying. 

Akash felt that his hands were uncontrollably shaking. Rajat had picked up the bottle of Jack Daniels which was had started drinking from. 

Punit viisibly shaken seemed like a failure. Among all 4 he was the only one who seemed to have had maintianed his sanity but looked very dejected. It was his plan. It was supposed to be his victory. Now it was his mess to clean up. 

"Guys. DO NOT DRINK." he said to Rajat. Akash snatched the bottle and kept it aside. 

"We need to act fucking quick." he said. 

"Act on what asshole ?" as Happy Singh.

"Look ! I did not expect this either. But we have a choice. we can fucking cry like bunch of pussies or we can work together to solve this. Her death is not our fault. We treated her nice and with respect. She must have suffered a stroke or something. Who knows sometimes they do drugs. We do not know why she suddenly went to have a bath". 

Akash nodded. He did not have the courage to look at the lifeless dead body of the girl but he understood Punit's point.  They were in a deep shit. That mess could ruin their lives. In fact it had already ruined their life. Now they could only control to what extent and for that control they had to be in proper senses and plan. 

"We need a plan" said Punit. Other three looked at him. 

'Firstly, turn up the AC. We need to get this room as cold as possible. Soon her body is going to harden up and we wont be able to do anything" said Akash. 

Punit got all of them out. They all sat on their sofa staring at each other. 

"Listen to me very very carefully guys." said Punit as he focused. They listend to his plan. 



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