"There is a dead prostitute in our house. We need to get rid of the body. We need to get rid of the fact that she was here. This is going to be ugly and complex. But if we do not do this properly we end up in jail for a murder we did not commit. " said Punit. 

"What is the first step?" asked Akash.

Punit drew some lines on the piece of paper. He had this habit when he was thinking something deeply. The lines did not make sense to anyone but him. 

"No one knows that she is here. We should first erase all the evidence that she was here. Then we need to get rid of the dead body and we need to have an alibi." said Punit. 

"Hey Happy. Forget all that has happened here. Go down and hang around the security guards. Pretend nothing has happened. Keep them busy and amused." 

"Rajat, you open her purse and check all her stuff," Punit ordered. Happy was shaken and in tears but he got up. Akash knew happy could do it. He could go out and pretend as if there was no dead whore on their bed. 

Rajat went to the bathroom and got all her stuff. Since she was fully naked all her stuff was now in front of them. Punit turned off the wifi. "No one searches anything online now. No one picks up any calls. Cellphones are the biggest evidence these days "

Simran had only one cellphone which was in her purse. Luckily it was an iPhone with fingerprint unlock. Punit took it, tried to look serious, and went to the bedroom. Akash and Rajat knew what happening but they did not speak. Punit returned with the unlocked phone.

"We need to see if there is any evidence or mention of us here." he went through her phone. He deleted all her photos. There were some phots of Diwali with what appeared like some girls, probably from the same trade. Some photos of fancy hotels and Mumbai airport. no photos of any personal or family. Whatsapp chat included a history of sending messages to Rajat's sim card which was already anonymized. 

Punit cleared all that. 

He then looked at her cab rental history. The name she had listed there was Gauri Yadav. She had rental car history all over the place. But no history of coming to the Friday road.

"She was with someone" Akash now remembered. "Maybe that other girl saw me," he said scared. 

"Do not worry, she won't remember you," said Punit. 

 Punit had planned this and that is why he had made Akash wear a completely new t-shirt with a hoodie that fairly covered his face, a cap that would have likely made it impossible for any CCTV to ca[ture him. 

Punit deleted one app after another from her cellphone. 

"We need to get rid of this phone. We need to make it appear as if she left this place and went somewhere else. Probably far away."

'How are we going to do that ? " asked Rajat. 

"Keep your phone here. Take her phone with you. " Punit said as he washed the phone with an alcohol pad. 

"Go to Swargate bus station via a cab. Find one of the buses. Keep the phone in their luggage carrier and get down at some intermediate stop. Catch a cab back home". Punit said. 

"Will this work? ' asked Rajat. 

"We have no choice but to be safe wear a hoodie and a cap," said Punit. 

Rajat left with the phone.

"Now what ?" Akash asked. 

"A dead body spoils very fast. We need to act before tomorrow afternoon. It is not going to be easy to simply get rid of it. It is going to be fucking ugly". Punit said thoughtfully. 

"If the body disappears no credible case can ever be built against us." If cops track her phone they are going to likely find it going off somewhere the bus stops. Very likely a passenger or driver will steal it eventually only to realize it is worthless as a brick. Cops won't be able to trace it. 

"What about her handlers? They know we hired her tonight. " Akash was trying to be a devil's advocate. 

"Yes, but they do not know our names. They will have to ask Happy's friend who can merely point at us but we can feign ignorance. Worse, we can admit the girl was here but then left. At any rate for them, it is just one less earning head. They don't really care about her death. " 

"What about her family?" thought Akash, more than the plan, he was worried about how her family is going to reach when she does not return home for days. 

"We will never know," said Punit. 

"We can search for Gauri Yadav on the internet but not from here and not today. She has no ID card on her. A fake driver's license with name Simran Singh. But she is no Punjabi. She probably uses this to check-in in hotels."

"hmm.' thought Akash. He now had confidence that this situation can be salvaged and hope in Punit's plan. 

An hour had passed by as they restlessly walked around. Punit and Akash had taken turns going down and checking in on Happy. They also went out to places where there were CCTV cameras just to create alibies. 

Since Rajat did not have his phone with him, they wouldn't know when he would return. For a few moments they acted as if nothing had happened. They had tea at the night stall. 

As they walked back they wondered what next. 

Three of them reached the apartment. They were scared to walk into the bedroom where the lifeless body lied. 

"We have asked the bayi to take off so we don't have to worry about her. We have to worry about the smell which will come soon enough."

"What if we cut her into small pieces? " Asked Happy. Akash and Punit both were shocked and shaken. 

"Motherfucker, we haven't cut a chicken in our life. We have no clue how our bodies will react at the mere sight of blood, entrails, and brain. we might just freeze" 

Also, we will have to do this in the bathroom and the DNA will be all over the place. We simply won't defile the body.

"Then how are we getting it out?" Asked Akash. 

"There are a few ways of getting rid of the body. The best is some kind of fire that destroys the body or acid which can dissolve it. We can not get the later easily and the former is impossible in the city. That leaves us two options. Bury it at a secret location or put it at the bottom of the ocean." Punit said. 

"I have an idea." Said Akash. 

"We have that large bag Rajat had bought for his Singapore trip. I think if we try we can fit her in it. It is large enough." 

"Good idea. but then what ? " said Happy. 

"Bag is not a good idea. It is a samsonite bag. Only a few are sold all around Pune and Rajat must have used his credit card to buy it." said Punit. 

"What if we bring the bag back then?" Asked Happy. 

"And do what with the body?" Asked Akash. "I was initially thinking we can put some extra metal weight in the bad and drop it in some water body where it will remain at the bottom for a long long time."

"The bag will be found eventually," Punit said. 

"How about it?" Akash had another plan. 

"We go and buy a few bags of cement, sand, and steel. We create a structure in the bag, put the body, put the cement and sand. We dry it for some time and then throw the cement block in the water or forest. The body will never be found. We have civil engineering degrees, we know how to build this" said Akash.

Happy and Punit had no arguments against that. 

Punit did some back of the envelope math. We will need around 2 bags of cement and 4 bags of sand. Buying this is not simple. We will have to bring it up and everyone will wonder why we are bringing it here. Also, where are we going to mature it? At how are we going to ensure it won't smell?" 

"We will buy the cement with cash, not here but on distant outskirts of pune. We will buy only one bag at a time. We will buy sand from different people and steel from different people." said Akash. 

"Fair enough. Where are we going to mix all this, create a structure, and mature the concrete? In our bedrooms? " asked Happy. 

"No, in a barrel," said Punit. 

"Look, Rajat's SUV is big enough to have a large plastic barrel. We put the body in the bag and put the bag in the car in the front seat. We then buy cement sand steel from different people via our bikes. We meet on the highway where we put the cement in the car. ". 

"We need to create a steel structure and also buy a barrel". said Akash. 

"No. We don't buy a barrel. We steal it. We won't create a steel structure. We will just put the body in the barrel, pour water-cement and sand in the barrel and seal it for good. We then abandon the barrel someplace where it will stay safe for months. Once the cement hardens it won't give out the smell. The plastic barrel will not corrode. Even if someone finds it, they may not be able to get the cement out easily." said Punit. He was liking the idea. 

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