Mr. G. K. Gokhale’s sad death in an irreparable national calamity. In him India has lost one of her greatest sons and the foremost of her public men. As a political leader he was unsurpassed in the hold he had acquired on the affectionate esteem and confidence of his countrymen. This was the result of a rare combination of noble qualities.  The purity of his life and the sincerity of his motives were as transparent as a crystal. His lofty aims and ideals were entirely free from the taint of ill will towards and community or creed. The charm of his manner, his disposition, his high character, his persuasive eloquence, his winning candour, his modesty, his simplicity, and his selflessness, furnished and fitting background to his commanding talents, which were unsparingly and unceasingly devoted to the service of his country and countrymen, whom he loved with all the fervour of his warm nature. His examination of the moral foundations of society and of the political forces underlying the various systems of Government had convinced him that the rise of depressed nations was in direct proportion to the number of self-sacrificing patriots amongst them. Hence the “Servants of India society”, which Mr. Gokhale established. His own life exemplified the noblest spirit of self-sacrifice in advancing the public welfare. His strenuous life wheter it was passed in the obscurity of the student’s sanctum or in the serenity of the professor’s lecture room, or in the brilliant light of the Imperial Council Chamber or the public platform, was rich in its fruitful results, and in its closing stages was an asset of the highest value to the Empire. It was  an inspiring spectacle to see this high-souled patriot hurrying to South Africa to bring about some amelioration in the lot of the Indians there, while the relentless grip of death was already tightening around hi. It was most pathetic to see him working laboriously on the Royal Public Services Commission, when he knew that his life was fast ebbing way.

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